Welcome to St. Augustine Academy!

St. Augustine Academy is one of four campuses that make upThe Catholic Academy of Bridgeport . St. Augustine educates children in Grades 4 - 8. The other three schools are St. Raphael Academy (Gr. PreK - 3), St. Andrew Academy (PreK - 8), and St. Ann Academy (PreK - 8).

St. Augustine Academy provides a Christ-centered learning environment where faculty, family and community members nurture and model Gospel values and strive towards academic excellence that will prepare our students for a life of leadership and service.

This year has been an exciting year! We have been busy implementing our RULER program (Social Emotional Learning), incorporating our new Chromebooks and digital resources to promote a more blended learning environment, and welcoming in our ELA coach and Math coach to continue our work on improving instruction at every grade level. Our students are experiencing new tools every day!

We always are working on our calling to serve others every day. During Catholic Schools week we had a Day of Service devoted to reaching out to others beyond our walls! We are helping our students to see our commitment to life-long service as followers of Christ.

We are very excited about the many areas of growth we are trying to nurture in our students!

Within these walls of St. Augustine, there is a a feeling of love, friendship, and learning. It is a great place!  We welcome every student, with unique strengths and talents, and help them to reach the potential that lies within themselves. 

May the blessings of our God be felt by everyone who enters the doors of St. Augustine Academy every single day! 

Please feel free to come and visit us! I am positive you will be impressed by the level of commitment on behalf of our students, faculty, and staff. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at dboccanfuso@catholicacademybridgeport.org.


Dr. Deborah Boccanfuso

Dr. Bo

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