Welcome to St. Augustine Academy!

St. Augustine Academy is one of four campuses that make upThe Catholic Academy of Bridgeport . St. Augustine educates children in Grades 4 - 8. The other three schools are St. Raphael Academy (Gr. PreK - 3), St. Andrew Academy (PreK - 8), and St. Ann Academy (PreK - 8).

St. Augustine Academy provides a Christ-centered learning environment where faculty, family and community members nurture and model Gospel values and strive towards academic excellence that will prepare our students for a life of leadership and service.

This year promises to be a very busy one! This year's theme is "PLANTING THE SEEDS". In the areas of English and Math, we are focusing our work to really create writers and mathematicians. We are grateful for our new wiring in our building and our new Chromebook cart. We are embarking on a BLENDED LEARNING adventure. Our students will be experiencing classrooms where the digital world and direct instruction are merging in many ways. In addition to these areas, we are implementing the RULER program so that students can better understand their emotions and how they play out in everyday relationships. And to deepen our walk with Christ, we are planting the seeds of a lifetime commitment to service. As a symbol of our theme and service, the teachers planted three Roses of Sharon trees in our front yard. It will be so rewarding to watch them grow! We are very excited about the many areas of growth we are trying to nurture in our students!

As we begin our school year together, I am grateful to be here for a 2nd year. Within these walls of St. Augustine, there is a a feeling of love, friendship, and learning. It is a great place!

May the blessings of our God be felt by everyone who enters the doors of St. Augustine Academy every single day! All are welcome here!

I am positive you will be impressed by the level of commitment on behalf of our students, faculty, and staff. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at dboccanfuso@catholicacademybridgpeport.org.


Dr. Deborah Boccanfuso

Dr. Bo

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