OverviewGrades 4 - 8
Elementary and Middle School

Living Gospel Values

St. Augustine provides a Christ-centered learning environment where the faculty, family and community nurture and model Gospel values and academic excellence, preparing students for a life of leadership and service

Achieving Academic Excellence

“Diversity, discipline and discovery” are the core principles that guide our upper elementary and middle school community. Our strong academic curriculum is designed to develop 21st century skills and literacies, with increased responsibilities and workload in the upper grades. We cultivate an environment of creativity and intellectual curiosity. Our LIVING library encourages a love of reading. We believe trough generous donation of books, we are able to provide free books for every child, every day.

Nurturing Leadership and Service

Our school community is bound together in loving service to one another. We serve God and neighbor by nurturing the spiritual, intellectual and social development of each child. How do we do this? By affirming the three-fold purpose of Catholic education: to teach doctrine, to develop community, and to serve.  

Students in grades 4–8 make us proud in so many ways: by collecting food for local charities, a letter writing campaign to children at Yale Children's Hospital and St. Jude Hospital, selling creative crafts to raise funds for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. The list goes on and on. 

 Browse through out website to learn more, and call anytime at 203-366-6500 if you’d like a schedule a tour of our campus.



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