Why Choose St. Augustine Academy?

Why Choose St. Augustine?At St. Augustine Academy we focus on the unique developmental needs and amazing capabilities of elementary and middle school students. By serving boys and girls in grades 4–8 on one campus, we create a healthy learning community that’s safe, nurturing and well supervised. 

Our school community is diverse, inclusive and friendly to all. We keep tuition affordable and offer generous financial aid and scholarships to open opportunities to as many students as possible! 

St. Augustine Academy is a diverse learning community, committed to providing a quality education in the Catholic tradition. Embracing the challenge of growth, we are called to instill values, morals, responsibility and respect for self, and service to others. We teach our students for the world today, while preparing them for the world of tomorrow.  

The best way to see if St. Augustine Academy is a good fit is to visit. Attend an Open House where you’ll be able to tour the campus and speak with teachers, the principal and other parents. And feel free to call us anytime at 203-366-6500 to ask questions. We’d love to connect!

Tuition Assistance is Available to Those Who Qualify!