Eighth Grade

“Eighth grade year is an important year, because we are getting ready for high school. Besides getting ready and taking high school entrance exams, we have a program, particularly in the ELA curriculum, that gets the students not just ready to read and write but to think and to think outside the box. A project highlight during the year is our memoir project, a project where we read and write personal narratives that will all come together as a whole book. We also read a set of novels; these novels teach us exposition, rising/falling action, and conflict/climax. We then write about what we read to engage in critical analysis of character, of theme, of plot. Our writing does not end there. We write speeches that address social injustices; this writing and performance teaches our students the necessary rhetorical devices to empower their listener. The inspiration for these speeches come from sources like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., former first lady Michelle Obama and other important speakers found on Ted.com. The third and fourth marking period involves students researching a self-selected decade from the 21st century; this process allows them to learn outlining and note-taking and creating a draft that will produce a video showcasing all that they have learned."

Mrs. Donnelly and Mr. Pittocco, Eighth Grade Homeroom teachers

first assemblymr. pittoccofirst assembly (wide shot)