The Catholic Schools Curriculum

The curriculum in the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Bridgeport supports the continuous improvement of student achievement and was designed not only to meet, but to exceed state and national standards. It helps students reach their full potential not only now, but also in higher education and in their adult lives. All of the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport campuses share a robust curriculum that integrates 21st century skills such as collaborative problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and creativity. Special features in the middle school grades at St. Augustine include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer & Math) programs. 

Performance Results

While many public schools across the state continue to struggle with standardized tests, as evidenced by the recent low passing grade results of the state’s Smarter Balance Assessment (SBAC), students in grades 3–7 at each of our Academy schools sat for the TerraNova, a similar achievement test administered to ensure our students are learning at the same level as other students around the country. Performance results are in, and collectively, Catholic Academy of Bridgeport performed at or above the national average in Reading, Language and Mathematics. It is with the help and guidance of our faculty and staff that our students are able to make great advancements, both developmentally and academically. 

Additionally, we provide students with the best possible instructional support and personalized learning opportunities though Catapult Learning and other teacher-based learning remediation.  

Above and Beyond

Our comprehensive curriculum meets the highest academic standards—and also answers to a higher calling. Followed in all four schools, the curriculum aligns with both the Diocese of Bridgeport requirements and the state’s Common Core standards. The following classes are offered daily in our four schools:  

Religion: Grades PreK–8
Reading: Grades PreK–4
Language Arts: Grades K–4
Literacy Block: Grades 5–8
Mathematics: Grades PreK–8
Science: Grades PreK–8
Spanish: Grades PreK–8
Social Studies: Grades K–6
American History: Grades 7–8  
Additional classes are offered throughout the week:
Computer Class
Physical Education