Religious Education

Our Philosophy

Religious EducationWe exist to serve God and neighbor by encompassing the spiritual, intellectual and social development of each child by affirming the three-fold purpose of Catholic education:  to teach doctrine, to develop community and to serve. By educating the child, we stress that the origin and destiny of every individual is God. By building community, we develop in the student a commitment to society and to the social skills and virtues needed to achieve. By serving God and man, we establish in our students an awareness of human needs, so that they may respond to their obligation of Christian service. These principles are uniquely interpreted in the spirit of St. Augustine Academy—to manifest love of the individual person as Christ proclaimed in His gospel of charity.

Religion classes are taught daily in all grades, from 4 through 8. Students also attend monthly mass. In keeping with the Catholic school tradition, all students participate in school-wide opening prayers in the mornings and school-wide closing prayers in the afternoons.