Fourth Grade

“This year, our fabulous 4th grade students will be learning how God calls us to live in the spirit of his love. The commandments are taught as signs of his love, and the Beatitudes are introduced as Jesus’ way to happiness. We study scripture, as well. Reading/ELA includes exploring the various genres of literature, book reports, projects, and oral reading. Grammar and Vocabulary enrichment prepares the students for academic success.Writing Workshop is another exciting adventure this school year! The students will focus on writing personal narratives, bringing their lives into our classroom! Calling all writers! Multiplication, long division, and fractions make for an exciting year in Math class. Students must learn their multiplication facts. In Social Studies class, the students study our state of Connecticut, the Civil War, and our Country’s Constitution along with geography skills. Science class is held in our science lab. The children learn by conducting fascinating experiments. Sr. Lisa teaches ALL science classes. We’re brushing up on our cursive writing, getting in touch with our feelings, and learning to work alongside one another as a school family! Be Kind and Forgive!”

Mrs. Tarczali and Mrs. Munley, Fourth Grade Homeroom teachers

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